She’ll Take Care Of Anything!

We were very happy when Ginger said she would take care of our little George. We were going on a long road trip and he would have been very uncomfortable with motion sickness. He is really no trouble. Up with the sun and sleeps when it gets dark. Ginger told us they got along swimmingly. He liked very simple meals. He loved to swim laps daily and was slim and in good shape at the end of his stay with Ginger. He was very quiet and loved any music that was playing and watched anything anyone else watched on TV except fishing shows and things about sharks. He loved hanging out in the garden and playing around rocks looking for caves. He enjoyed floating in the currents in the nearby stream. He was good about helping himself to snacks any time he wanted one. He was very neat and clean when we picked him up. No trouble at all. He can stay with me any time Ginger said. In case you have not figured it out, George is a Beta Fish!