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A Kind Soul and Godsend in a Time of Emergency

Someone dear to me flew in from overseas and matriculated through a series of unfortunate events including flight cancellation, lost luggage that contained vital BP meds inside, and several costly expenses. He ended up stranded without a vehicle or working phone so I searched for someone on the island who could check in on him, see if he needed anything, etc. At the time, I was in NC, stressing nonstop. She agreed to go and took her stethoscope even when feeling under the weather herself. After visiting with him, she called and told me his blood pressure was okay and that they had a pleasant conversation. I truly appreciate her kindness! Highly recommend her services!

Asha Gowan

She’ll Take Care Of Anything!

We were very happy when Ginger said she would take care of our little George. We were going on a long road trip and he would have been very uncomfortable with motion sickness. He is really no trouble. Up with the sun and sleeps when it gets dark. Ginger told us they got along swimmingly. He liked very simple meals. He loved to swim laps daily and was slim and in good shape at the end of his stay with Ginger. He was very quiet and loved any music that was playing and watched anything anyone else watched on TV except fishing shows and things about sharks. He loved hanging out in the garden and playing around rocks looking for caves. He enjoyed floating in the currents in the nearby stream. He was good about helping himself to snacks any time he wanted one. He was very neat and clean when we picked him up. No trouble at all. He can stay with me any time Ginger said. In case you have not figured it out, George is a Beta Fish!

Lisa Kelner

Great pet sitter for my handicapped dog

Ginger has watched my 10+ year old deaf and almost totally blind bichon a couple of times for me. My dog was always happy when I picked him up and I could just tell he enjoyed his day with Ginger. I would highly recommend At Your Service Island Concierge to take care of your pet. Just knowing my pet was being taken care of, the same way I would take care of him, helped make my stay in Stonington that much better. Can’t thank you enough Ginger!

Kelli McLaughlin & Lucky 🐶

Kelli Mclaughlin

Our Island Mom

My family of four (two kids) was eternally grateful for getting to know Ginger on our recent 2-week visit to Deer Isle. From greeting us at the Welcome Center and helping us navigate to our remote rental; to supplying our rental with necessities (tonic water and limes ;); to bringing us a fresh blueberry pie; to letting us know the best places to get fish/lobster; to checking in on us throughout the week with a ‘wicked blow’ on the horizon; and ultimately for moving mountains to help us find a temporary office space for my husband who needed to work the first week (it turned out that our rental did not have Wifi) – she was a life saver and in turn, we had the most wonderful, relaxing, magical family vacation that will forever be in our hearts and memories – we can’t wait to come back next year! Thank you Ginger!!!

Leslie MacKinnon

Deer Isle Wonder Woman

Wow what a font of wonder and joy and intel on Deer Isle you represent. You may just have changed the course of history for my hubby and I. Sincere, thank you. I’m looking forward to meeting you at some point.

With all the covid restrictions and hoops we may not get there this September (although I’m still hopeful) but even if it’s next year, I will track you down for a personal thank you.

If there’s a sharpie realtor at that Island agency with your quickness, humor and incisiveness, please let me know.

Be well.
Till we meet, Kathy

Kathy Rhoades

Wonderful Experience

Ginger went out of her way to help, and actually rescue me. I recently spent time on Deer Island without a car, a first. Leaving Deer for another island, Ginger picked me up in town and brought me to the ferry. Three weeks later, she was at the dock, picked me up, treated me to coffee and lively conversation, and got me on my way.
I was taken with how knowledgeable, resourceful, and kind Ginger is. I highly recommend Ginger and the Island Concierge.


A Local Treasure

I HIGHLY recommend Ginger for whatever your needs may be while visiting Deer Isle. She has lived on the island for years, has excellent resources and is very knowledgeable. I had a long list of questions and she had all the answers as well as excellent suggestions. She arranged for someone to unload my car and get me settled into my rental property. Thank you, Ginger, for your kindness and your expertise.

Teri Hardy

What a blessing!!!

Ginger Lester went above and beyond the call of duty by finding a house cleaner for my husband and me. She did this on short notice. That allowed us to finish our vacation on this beautiful island with more free time to soak up the island. Yeah Ginger!!!!

Susan Sims Smith

Fabulous Dinner

I’ve always known Ginger was a great cook, and this time she outdid herself for our recent anniversary dinner. I just turned her loose on what to make and she came up with a great dinner.
Can’t wait for another occasion to do it again.
Don’t hesitate to do one for yourself.
Thank you Ginger

Darwin K Davidson

Our dog loved going to Ginger’s house!

Our 11 year old beagle mix dog stayed at Ginger’s house for a few nights three times this past summer. He wagged his tail happily each time we pulled into Ginger’s driveway. Ginger was very sweet with Cody even when he ate a loaf of bread from her countertop! Ginger was extremely flexible with our drop off and pick up times. We are thrilled to have someone on the island we can leave Cody with for a few days. I highly recommend “Island Concierge.”

Tara Broderick

A Great Stress-Reliever!

Ginger was a great help to us last summer, especially when we had a houseful of family visitors. She helped with extra grandchildren laundry, helped problem-solve issues like babysitting and catering. Thank you, and I will count on you next summer also!

Marge Anderson

Fantastic care of our “special needs” cat and our home

Ginger took fantastic care of our “special needs” cat and our home. We trust her implicitly with our home and to problem solve troubles that inevitably come up in an old house. I feel confident that when we travel we will be in good hands!

Ruth Lamdan

Wonderful Pet Sitter!

At Your Service Island Concierge has been a wonderful asset to the island. I trust Ginger immensely to watch my two 18 year old kitties. She takes the very best care of them and I can go out of town knowing they are loved and cared for. Ginger will keep me updated via email. She is also a great problem solver. I know I can go to her and she will reach out to her many resources to help me. Thank you Ginger for all that you do. The kitties, and I, are most appreciative!

Lisa Kellner

Great Service

It gives me great pleasure to testify to the great service provided by At Your Service Island Concierge, under the leadership of Ginger Lester.  The Leavenworths have received rapid response to transportation needs, food prepared and delivered to our home, facilitation of moving personal effects to another location and simple compassionate understanding of medical needs.  We recommend this service to one and all.

Alden and Jeannine Leavenworth

A True Gem

Ginger is a true gem! I went on a painting trip to Stonington, fell and was diagnosed with a rupurted disc and later after mri’s at home CA it turned out be be a fractured vertebrae. I was in excruciating pain to say the least. Some dear friends took me in but it was clear extra help was needed as they both had work and very full schedules. In stepped Ginger to the rescue. She helped in a multitude of ways, was always prompt and with great cheer and filled with knowledge. It took two weeks for me to stabilize enough to get home to California. Ginger was of inestimable help! Hurray for Ginger! Use her and never underestimate how helpful she can be whether the job challenge is small or large.

Lisa Bartels

Can’t recommend her service enough!

I wanted to write and say that I greatly appreciated that The Island Agency Rentals website linked me to At Your Service Island Concierge for our visit to Deer Isle in the beginning of July. I highly recommend this service to all of your [Island Agency Rentals] clients. Karen was so helpful to me and my family. She helped me stock the house before our arrival by keeping and delivering packages we sent to her. It was so nice to know that once we got to the house there were things waiting for us. It meant we spent far less time running around trying to find the things we needed. Also, Karen took the time to give us insider information about things to do and plan for in advance. Can’t recommend her service enough.


Your Good Works!!!

What you do is so wonderful, so needed and so beautifully done!!! You recently helped Julie T. by telephone and I have referred Lisa B. to you, a lovely lady who has been staying in one of my cottage for 3 weeks and just was diagnosed with a herniated disc which will delay her return home. She is staying with a good friend on Pleasant Street til she can travel home but her friend works full time off island so Lisa is stranded if she should need assistance or have a medical emergency.

I have been meaning to sort of “register ” with you as well but of late am doing better.

Thanks for your brilliantly wonderfully compassionate support for folk in need.

Lindsay Newland Bowker
Cove Meadow

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